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Detoxifying Mineral Bath Soak

Detoxifying Mineral Bath Soak

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A detoxifying and stress-melting bath soak for a Polynesian-inspired self-care ritual. Lavender buds float and calm the senses with ylang ylang, while kava kava relaxes your muscles, black lava salt pulls out toxins and magnesium restores. 8 oz glass jar.

Kava kava has been used ceremonially by Polynesians for over 3,000 years, both internally and externally to calm anxiety. It is a sedative that promotes natural relaxation and stress reduction. Black lava salt is a revered Hawaiian salt that it is infused with activated charcoal, which assists the body in removing harmful impurities. It is also exceptionally high in essential minerals that help restore the body. Lavender buds are anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce swelling and redness.

Ingredients: magnesium sulfate, black lava salt, *lavender, *kava kava powder, essential oils of *lavender and *ylang ylang.  *organic

Directions: Fill the bathtub with a few inches of hot water. Pour 1/2 cup in, or pour into a muslin bag and tie, then place in water. Fill remainder of bath to desired temperature. Relax and enjoy your spa soak! 20-30 minutes is ideal.