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Desert Bloom Purifying Toner

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This purifying probiotic facial toner was inspired by the magical Baja desert. It doubles as scalp tonic and freshening body spray, featuring white sage, agave ferment and cistus (rock rose). For all skin types: purifies and tones while lightly hydrating and balancing—also great for soothing sunburns.

White sage has used for many years in traditional smudging ceremonies, for energy work, religious ceremony and cleansing. We use an organic hydrosol, made from plants that were cultivated for distillation, that has a light, subtle scent. It is astringent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and works synergistically with the witch hazel to tone and purify. Organic agave ferment is a probiotic that helps repair the skin and stimulates collagen production. In tandem with aloe, it helps to heal sunburn and irritation from acne or other skin conditions, such as eczema. Cistus adds a sweet note, and helps to tighten the skin by minimizing pores. Clary sage is added to support the white sage with a cooling and balancing effect. 2 oz glass bottle with mister or 4 oz glass bottle.

Ingredients: white sage hydrosol,* witch hazel extract,* water, agave ferment,* aloe vera gel,* vegetable glycerine,* lactobacillus ferment (probiotic preservative), essential oils of cistus (rock rose)* and clary sage.*  *organic

Directions: Shake well and mist over face and neck to tone after cleansing, then while still wet apply moisturizer. Seal with another even misting. Can also be used as a scalp tonic and a purifying body spray.

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