Chocolate Rose Bath Bomb

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This luxurious and sensual bath bomb is more than just a pretty face. It's loaded with healing botanicals that restore, nourish and firm your skin, plus it turns bath time into a decadent smelling treat—sans calories. All that's missing is the champagne!

Pink himalayan salt purifies the pores and restores tired muscles, coconut milk and cocoa butter soften and deeply moisturize, and raw cacao packs in antioxidants that calm inflammation, relieve dryness, fight free radical damage and firm the skin. Rose buds float romantically around you while lending their soft and grounding scent, mingling with cheery geranium and earthy, calming ho wood to restore your senses. 4 oz in biodegradable plant cellulose bag.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, himalayan salt, coconut milk,* raw cacao powder,* coconut oil,* rose buds,* and essential oils of geranium* and ho wood.  *organic 

Directions: fill tub with water, hop in and plop your bath bomb in! Watch it bubble and fizz while releasing its delicious scent and healing botanicals.