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Raw honey foaming face wash 2 oz pump

Bee Clean Face Wash

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A gentle, yet effective foaming face wash that harnesses the antibacterial and humectant powers of raw honey, sourced from a local farmer who keeps happy bees.

Raw honey is a powerhouse ingredient for skin. It helps balance the bacteria on your skin and speeds up your skin cells' healing process. It also reduces inflammation, making it great for acne and autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and it's a humectant, meaning that it pulls water into your skin. Its gentle nurturing qualities make it safe for use on even sensitive skin. Raw honey is sticky though, so we've combined it here with organic castile, witch hazel for toning the pores, chamomile and aloe for extra healing and soothing, jojoba for balancing oil production, and essential oils of basil and manuka for their powerful antibacterial properties.

Ingredients: raw honey,∞ castile soap (palm free),* chamomile hydrosol,* witch hazel extract,* aloe vera gel,* jojoba oil,* vegetable glycerine,* lactobacillus ferment (probiotic natural preservative), xanthan gum, unrefined vitamin e oil, essential oils of basil* and manuka.†  *organic  ∞local  †wildcrafted

Because this product is all natural, give it a gentle shake before use. Then wet face, pump a small amount into palm and suds away; rinse and pat dry, then follow with Balance toner and moisturizer of choice.