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Ocean Bluff Wildcrafted Mineral Bath

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A limited edition of six bath salts, made with California bay laurel leaves that were ethically wild harvested in Big Sur during the spring and then hung to dry. This rejuvenating bath soak combines restoring, soothing Epsom salts with mineral rich Pacific sea salt, nourishing sea kelp and relaxing kava kava from the Pacific Islands. 8 oz glass jar.

When crushed, the leaves of the California bay laurel release a strong, menthol-like fragrance, and many Native American tribes used the leaves to cure headaches, toothaches and earaches as well as to clear mucus in the lungs and relieve discomfort from a cold. The Kashaya Pomo also hung the small branches in their homes for protection against harm. Combined with Epsom salts and kava kava, the leaves provide relief for sore muscles and deep relaxation for the entire being. Kelp and spirulina moisturize and nourish the skin, while tinting the water a pretty blue-green. Juniper berry and cedarwood essential oils lend a refreshing yet grounding aromatherapy effect.

Ingredients: magnesium sulfate, pacific sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, california bay laurel,† kelp powder,* kava powder,^ spirulina,* essential oils of juniper berry,* bay laurel* and cedarwood.* *organic †wildcrafted in Big Sur ^cultivated without chemicals

Directions: Fill the bathtub with a few inches of hot water. Pour 1/2 cup in, then fill remainder of bath to desired temperature. Relax and enjoy your spa soak! 20-30 minutes is ideal.