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Lucidity Sleep & Dream Balm

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A sweet, soothing balm to apply for relaxation and the invocation of lucid dreaming.

Mugwort carries a rich, magical folklore tradition, and has been used throughout the ages for protection from evil spirits, disease, and bad luck. With its silvery leaf undersides associated with the moon and the feminine, like other Artemisias, mugwort is connected to the female Greek deity Artemis, protector of woodlands and animals, and goddess of fertility and childbirth. It is often used to awaken intuition, to evoke vivid dreams, and to aid in meditation or cleansing rituals. 1 oz tin.

Ingredients: hops,* mugwort,* and lavender* infused into extra virgin olive oil,∞ beeswax,*∞ unrefined vitamin e, essential oils of clary sage,* geranium* and ylang ylang.*  *organic  ∞local

Directions: Before bed, apply to temples, pulse points and third eye area. Can also be used as a relaxant or a dreamy solid perfume.