Make Your Own Lavender Hydrosol

Now that we know the history of lavender, let’s make something with it! Flower waters, or hydrosols, are made by distilling the volatile oils out […]

Magical Kitchen

Ain’t cooking up nothin’ here but looove tonight! I wrote the first version of this almost two years ago – slightly updated – still makes me […]

Make Your Own Whipped Body Butter

When I began selling my natural skincare products, my intention was to share the recipes as well. Why? Because I want you to know how […]

Upcoming Events

Happy fall! I hope you are all enjoying the changing weather and seasonal joys that autumn brings. I have a couple of events coming up […]

Planting Tomatoes in Pots

Container gardening has its advantages. It’s perfect if, like me, you’re renting and want to be able to take your plants with you when you […]

DIY Natural Face Wash

Although I’ve been making lots of my own skincare products for a little while now, I’ve always been slightly intimidated by face wash, body wash and […]

Cooking with Friends: Gnocchi

My friends, do I have a treat for you today. Despite the gluten-free craze sweeping the nation, I’ve been learning tons through my volunteer work […]

Blueberry Scones, Healthier

Because sometimes you just need a scone, and you don’t want to feel too guilty eating it. Also, blueberries are in season! I’ve been dreaming […]